Oksana Kubushyna

Hello, my name is  Oksana Kubushyna. 

After completing my Master’s Degree in Computer Science in 2004 I started working in the gaming industry as a Programmer at Petroglyph Games  and worked my way up to a Technical Director before going into Production. After unsuccessfully trying to Kickstart a game called Victory I moved to the then starting up Molten Games as a Lead Producer.  I’ve helped build the company from 4 to over 60 employees, establish the production practices for the studio, and set and deliver milestones.

Through my career in the industry I’ve seen success and I’ve seen failure. I’ve learned the many aspects of building a game, a team and a company.   I’ve grown as a person and as a professional.  I’ve done it by continuously stepping out of my comfort zone and doing difficult (for me) things.

Recently I needed to give career advice and it occurred to me that I cannot clearly define what it is that drives success in this industry because I tend to work “on intuition” and to do what “feels right in the moment”. I suddenly realized that I don’t understand myself at all.

Therefore I decided to start this blog in an attempt to organize my thoughts, ideas and observations into something coherent, something I could share with others.

You can agree or disagree with what’s written here, but you will need to forgive the grammar -English is my third language and my sentences still come out awkward at times 🙂 I don’t make any promises to write frequently or at all.

This blog is not in any way representative of the opinions of my current (or past) employers.

You can see my professional profile at www.linkedin.com/in/vertigoart/


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