Women in Games: fight!

Some of the girls I know are hardcore gamers. They will beat your ass in League or BF4 without sweating.


But I’ve also noticed that a number of women in games would stick to a few games they’re comfortable with and would refuse to try anything new. Their reasoning?

  • I don’t think I’d be good at this genre
  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have friends to play with” 
  • “I don’t play multiplayer – people are just too rude
  • “I don’t play multiplayer – I just die right away

What I think is happening here is women actually want to but don’t feel confident enough or comfortable enough to try. They’ve just given up after a few bad experiences.

So how about this idea…

Start a “Girls’ Fight Club” at your work – all women invited. Elect a Fight Captain to propose a game, then all  jump in and play that game together, either on the weekend, after work or during lunch, about once a week (schedule permitting). The Fight Captain rotates every week – since everyone’s interests are so different (some like RPGs, some like Sims, some like FPS etc) this should expose us to many different genres and styles of  games in a comfortable and friendly environment.




The “Girls’ Fight Club” rules would then be as follows:

  • 1st RULE: You DO talk about the FIGHT CLUB (but only with women)
  • 2nd RULE: You DO talk about the FIGHT CLUB (but only with women)
  • 3rd RULE: All members of the FIGHT CLUB must play the game selected by that week’s Fight Captain even if you don’t like the genre or feel you are not good at it. The Fight Captain changes every game. The Fight Captain is responsible for organizing that week’s game. The Fight Captain should be somewhat familiar with the genre she selects, and should help others with the game.
  • 4th RULE: Participate in as many games as possible. The Fight Captain will plan the games around everyone’s schedule.
  • 5th RULE: Have fun.

So, ladies….. FIGHT!!!

P.S. I think this applies to some guys I know too 🙂